Take Heart. A "Why We Love The Sentinel" Essay

    One of the things that I noticed as unofficial "mommie / hand holder / shoulder to cry on / pom pom waver and butt kicker" of the TRIBE throughout the early time of our shock and dismay and hurt was the almost universal observation by people that they had never had a show effect them the way that this show has. Yes, they knew the difference between real people and fictional characters and fiction vs real life, but this show and this ending put them into such a deep emotional state that they were truly shocked and amazed: at a loss to explain their own response.

    I have been doing a tremendous lot of thinking about this as time has passed and I have a few thoughts on the subject. I've shared bits and pieces of this with a few people already but this is, hopefully, a more coherent version.

    This show relies heavily on symbolism, mystic story lines, universal concepts such as friendship, loyalty, truth, responsibility, love, and the basics of good and evil. The characters are uncommonly muti-layered and uncommonly well-portrayed. We believe in them. We believe in their struggles. We react probably on a subconscious level to the symbolism.

    The characters are on a journey. A journey of self discovery, of establishing relationships, of learning true meanings of life, while carrying on life as usual. This is what we all do everyday, but it is not something you see everyday on television. The men have pasts that affect their present, as do we all. They struggle to overcome character flaws, as do we all. The fight. They make mistakes. They don't always act logically or the way they "should".

    We accept them as more than mere characters because they are shown to be more that just tv characters.

    We care for these men, and lady.

    They, through the show, take us along on their journey. Their struggles relate to out strugglers. We learn as they learn. The Guide guides us all.

    That is why we feel his loss so deeply.

    We have not learned all we can from the journey. The journey is not over. We know that. We know that it is not time for this show to be taken away from us. It is simply, wrong.

    So those of us on the journey have banded together as a Tribe to fight together for what we believe in.

    The right to learn; to know.

    The right to think and feel and be what we are.

    The right to explore the universal truths and express our findings even if that is different from someone else's.

    The right to explore relationships as we need to.

    And perhaps the greatest lesson of all, realizing "It's about friendship. I just didn't get it before"

    I don't think that it is happenstance that so many of us latch onto phrases from this show and use them to illustrate points that we want to make. Their are the universals drawing us to this show. We sense the truth there.

    That is why we are fighting to save this show and these characters. Most people acknowledge the right to be passionate about concepts such as Truth, Loyalty, Trust, Honesty, Friendship, Faith, and Love. We see these concepts in our show. We say we are passionate about the show. Yes. Because we are passionate about these concepts, whether we consciously realize it or not.
    People who think we are crazy to feel this way about a tv show simply have not reached the level that we have. They may not have begun their journey yet, or are on a different path.

    But for those of us on "The Sentinel" path, this series cannot fade away. It cannot. This is the truth we know. The truth we fight for.

    It is what we are united for.

    This show challenges our minds. It sparks our imagination. It warms our hearts. It touches our souls. (It fuels our libidos. Well, it does!)

    That is why we love "The Sentinel." It is that simple. It is that complex.

    It is why we will prevail.

  Nancy Reed
  Proud member of the TRIBE
  24 May 98

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