Blair had just helped Jim with the last of the dishes when they were both stopped dead in their tracks by a voice in their heads.

    //"Hey Blair, I sure hope that you and Jim haven't started as yet."//

    "No, we were just getting ready to though." Blair answered out loud.

    "Come on in and join the fun," Jim threw in as he went to open the front door as the twins were making their way up the steps.

    "What are you guys doing here?" Blair asked as the twins made their way into the cabin.

"Well, we got into the office today, and there was really nothing for us to do, so we decided that we could make today one of the multiple sense test that you wanted to do together." Elaine said as she accepted the cup of coffee that Blair was handing her.
    "We know that you wanted to do some kind of cold medicine test," Catherine began, "and thought for both of our sakes that you should probably do that one first, because otherwise, your partner is going to work himself into a tizzy worrying about that one."

    Jim looked towards the ceiling and mumbled to himself, "There is a God,"
    Catherine just sat there and started to laugh hysterically, followed moments later by Elaine who had her and on Catherine's shoulder and heard every word.
    Blair just looked at Jim with the "What did you just say" look on his face.
    Jim looked at Blair and said //"All I said was 'there is a God'"//
    At that point, Blair saw what the twins were laughing at and doubled over with laughter himself. Jim even started to laugh when he finally saw what they were laughing at. This test was the one thing that had him worried and he finally relaxed a bit when he realized that this would be the first and that he would be getting it done and over with in the first batch of tests.
    It took several minutes for them to get their laughter under control. Once there, Blair went to the cabinet to get the dreaded cold medicine.
    After dosing out the required amount to each of the two Sentinels, he sat down with his notebook to wait. It didn't take long.
    "Oh, Chief, I'm gonna kill you for this," Jim replied as everything started going nuts.
    "All right Jim, just calm down and let me see what is going on here," Blair said as he sat down next to his Sentinel and put one hand on his shoulder.
    "Oh man, I am soo sorry. I never imagined anything like this could happen. No wonder you fell off that train." Blair said as he watched the world go by, and around and blurry and…all his through his Sentinel's eyes and ears, etc.
    Then, looking over at Catherine, Blair asked, "Catherine, are you having the same trouble that Jim does."
    "Come, see for yourself Blair," Elaine said as she scooted over so that Blair would have a place to sit.
    Blair sat down and put one hand on Catherine's shoulder and got the same reaction that he was getting from Jim.
    Keeping one hand on Catherine's shoulder, he started to scribble in his notes as he spoke to the tape recorder that sat on the coffee table next to the couch.
    It took an hour to go through each of the five senses on each of the sentinels. And after changing the tape in his machine, Blair continued to the next part of his test. "OK, guys, I need you to go outside with me for the remainder of this test. Take your sunglasses, because only one part of the test will require vision, and you don't need to be getting a migraine from this," Blair said as he grabbed his recorder and notebook, then proceeded to help Jim get off the couch and outside.
    They only got halfway between the cabin and the lake before they felt a stinging sensation in their necks. Before hitting the ground, Blair was able to pull the tranquilizer dart from his neck. Unable to make his muscles work any more, Blair tried to land as close to his partner as he could. Trying to protect him as best as he could from the danger that he had put them in. By giving them the cold medicine, he had effectively turned off his partner's senses, so neither Jim or Catherine had heard what was already upon them until it was too late.
    That was Blair's last thought as the blackness of unconsciousness claimed him.

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