Pulling up to the cabin Jim put the truck into park and just sat there with the others as they took in the splendor of Dan's grandfather's cabin.

    "Are you sure we are in the right place?" Simon asked as he was staring at the very large beautiful cabin that sat before them.

    "According to the map it is. Plus it's also the only other building around," Jim replied.

    At that moment, Blair put a hand on both Jim's and Simon's shoulders and said, "Look over to the right side of the cabin."

    Both men did as they were told and Blair heard Simon's breath catch as he too could see the panther, wolf and bear standing off to the right side of the cabin.

    At this point, Blair removed his hand to see if it was the same principal as with Jim. Sure enough, Simon reached back and grabbed Blair's hand and replaced it as he continued to stare at the three beautiful animals.

    "You know, used to be, I didn't want anything to do with the Sentinel stuff because it scared the crap out of me. But now, seeing this, "he motioned towards the three animal spirits, "it's beautiful."

    "Well, at least we know that we're in the right place." Jim said from the other side of the truck," What say we get the truck unloaded so we can go find that lake we saw on the map, and catch us some lunch?"

    "Sounds good to me," Blair began, then added, "Once we get the truck unloaded, you two can go fishing and I'll go get the firewood."

    "Blair, we'll help you with the firewood," Simon said as he was getting out of the truck.

    "That's OK Simon, it gives me a little time with nature to relax," Blair told him.

    //" In other words Simon, he wants to be alone for awhile."//

    Simon jumped a little at the thought coming through, but replied, "OK, but if you need help, be sure to let us know."

    "I will Simon, and thanks," Blair returned.

    With that the three men unloaded the truck and headed inside. The place was even more beautiful on the inside. If that was possible. Walking in, they were in the living room with a huge stone fireplace with vents on the left, then straight ahead, there was the kitchen separated from the living room by the stairway. The upstairs was open. Down each side were the bedrooms. There were two bedrooms with their own baths on each side. Each room had a kind of garage door type wall that could be raised so that the heat from the fireplace could get into each room on the cold nights. Straight back upstairs, as a loft study/den/library area. It had several chairs and small end tables. Several bookshelves were along one wall while the other had a Native American ritual headdress hanging on the wall. It looked very old. The back wall was a large picture window that looked out over the landscape.

    The lake that Jim and Simon were planning to catch dinner from was about a hundred yards straight out the back door.

    After taking in everything Jim was the first to speak, " Well, let's get this stuff put away so that we can go and get started on lunch, shall we?"

    "Sounds good to me Jim, why don't you and Blair take the rooms across from the fireplace, cause I know how easy the kid gets cold, and they would probably be the warmest." Simon answered.

    "That's fine with me, how about you Chief?" Jim replied.

    "Fine with me," Blair answered.

    "Let's get to it then," Simon said as he moved upstairs and turned left.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    An hour later, everything was unpacked and the food put away. Jim and Simon had their fishing gear and Blair had the wood wagon. The firewood was about thirty yards from the cabin to keep any termites away from the house.

    "OK Jim, you two go get started on the lunch, and I'll meet you there as soon as I get the firewood loaded and back to the house," Blair said.

    "You sure you don't want any help?" Simon asked.

    I'm fine Simon. Really. So just go get started on lunch, cause I'm starting to get hungry here."

    "Blair, it's only 9:30 in the morning?" Jim began, "You shouldn't be hungry, you had a large breakfast"

    "Jim, man, that was like five hours ago. I'm ready for lunch now."

    "All right Chief, I get the point. Go get the wood and we'll get the fish."

    "Sure thing man, see ya soon" Blair said.

    Then as he was walking away, Jim heard, //"R E A L soon I hope."//

    Laughing, Jim and Simon made their way to the lake, while Blair pulled the wagon over to the woodpile.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Blair was whistling to himself as he went to get the wood. He was surprised at how easily the cart pulled. It was a heavy cart even empty, but it rolled along behind him like he was pulling one of those skateboards from Back To The Future part two. // I sure hope that this thing is as easy to pull when it's full.// he thought to himself.

    When he got to the woodpile that must have been twenty-five feet long, three rows deep, and at least five feet tall, he pulled back the tarp that was covering it and began to load enough wood for the three of them for two days and nights. He was half way down the first pile when he saw the open area behind. Glancing over, he could make out something covered in some kind of white powder.

    As realization suddenly dawned as to what this was, he started to shake and hyperventilate as he fell back against the wagon. In what seemed almost instantly, Jim and Simon were at his side.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Simon and Jim had just settled down with their poles in hand, when Jim suddenly stiffened up.

    Simon seeing this asked, "Jim, what is it?"

    "This is weird Simon, but for some reason, I can see through Blair's eyes as he is getting the fire..."
    Jim stopped, then jumped to his feet and bolted towards the woodpile.

    Simon got up and was on his tail in seconds. As they got to the side of the woodpile where Blair was, Simon could see that Blair was leaning back against the pile, eyes closed, and hyperventilating in a full-fledged panic attack.

  "Blair, buddy, you're going to be fine, we'll take care of this," Jim said.

    Before Simon could open his mouth, Jim pointed to the opening Blair had made removing the wood for the fire place. Looking inside, he could see what had caused Blair's panic attack. I'll go call it in. Why don't you get Blair away from here and let him catch his breath? Reaching over, he laid his hand on Blair's shoulder, and when Blair looked up, he told him, "Why don't you go down by the lake and relax while I take care of this."

    Blair just nodded and let Jim lead him down to the lake. After sitting him down on one of the logs that were used as chairs, he sat next to him.

    When Blair was finally able to calm down, he looked at Jim and asked, "I thought that this was supposed to be a relaxing weekend, not work away from work."

    "I don't know Chief, the only thing that I can say and I know this doesn't help, but Incacha did tell us to keep our eyes open."

    Blair froze.

    "What is it?" Jim asked as he saw his Guide become suddenly still.

    "I don't know, but I need to be there," Blair said just before getting back up and heading back to the woodpile.

    Jim, not sure what his Guide was up to followed.

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