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Anything that remotely looks familiar, probably belongs to Pet Fly and Paramount. I'm not making any money on this (darnet), so please don't sue me (please, please, please),because all you will get is about $50,000 in student loans. When I'm finished, I promise that I will put our boys back where I found them, good as new.

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COMPLETE not beta-ed

This is my version of S2p˛. It came to me shortly after S2pš was aired. My stories take off from where S2pš left us hanging.

Possible spoilers for anything and everything up to and including S2pš.

ENJOY, and don't forget feedback, it gives me the motivation to continue.

If you like it, wonderful, let me know why.

If you don't like it, I'm sorry, also let me know why so I don't make the same mistake in the future. But please don't flame me cause I have a very tender ego.


If I say anymore, I'll spoil it.

An Ethnography of The Sentinel: Fan Fiction and Why Writers Write

This started out as a research paper that I was allowed to do as I wished with. Somehow or another, it turned into a Y2K New Year's Eve party at the loft. SPOILERS for TS by BS, Warriors, and maybe others that I've forgotten.

Althought the paper has been turned in, I'm going back and redoing some of it. Right now, it's somethng like 92 pages long. Who knows how long it will be after I get finished. ;-)

Remember, the feedback. It's what keeps me going


I got an "A" on this.

So enjoy


Early Graduation

Jim gives Blair his graduation present before he goes off to the academy

Shape Shifter

Alex is back…need I say more???

Spirits Remorse

Will Alex ever leave them alone?

That is…if I get enuf feedback
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